12 pack Liquid Drops 3-D Pearls

20ml (0.67 fl oz)

Fine nozzle for precision application. Acid-free, non-toxic and archival quality.  Perfect addition to any craft project on paper, vellum, card and even fabric and acetate.


Each pack has the following colours: 

ULT157645 Cottonball 

ULT157646 Evergreen

ULT157647 Flamenco

ULT157648 Kingfisher

ULT157649 Pharaoh

ULT157650 Buttercup

ULT157651 Lavendula

ULT157652 Pewter

ULT157653 Madagascar

ULT157654 Cinnamon

ULT157659 Rouge

ULT157697 Seafoam

Liquid Drops 3-D Pearls- 12 Pack

SKU: ULT157698