Card Deco Essentials Pigment Ink Dew Drops

Pearlescent Fluro Pink

Pearlescent Hot Pink

Pearlescent Violet

Pearlescent Christmas Red

Pearlescent Turquoise

Pearlescent Navy Blue

Pearlescent Leave Green

Pearlescent Pearl White

Pearlescent Sunflower Yellow

Pearlescent Orange

Pearlescent Coral

Pearlescent Dark Pink

Pearlescent Cherry

Pearlescent Blue Purple

Pearlescent Mid Blue

Pearlescent Green

Pearlescent Apple Green

Pearlescent Olive Green

Pearlescent Beige

Pearlescent Saddle Brown

Pearlescent Burgundy

Pearlescent Grey

Pearlescent Christmas Green

Pearlescent Brown

Pearlescent Black

Pearlescent Gold

Pearlescent Platinium White

Pearlescent Silver

Pearlescent Bronze

Pearlescent Golden Black

Pearlescent Golden Red

Pearlescent Eggplant


Featuring the popular dewdrop design perfect for cradling during crafting sessions, a pointed tip for ease of use in a variety of inking and stamping applications plus a wide range of vivid pigments, Card Deco Essentials inks are the perfect craft companion. Each Card Deco Essentials pigment ink contains hand-selected finely ground particles of colour suspended in a water-based medium. While this means drying time is longer than dye inks, each pigment ink dewdrop colour presents a vibrant hue of opacity perfect for use with coloured cardstock, patterned papers and darker materials.

  • Pointed tip for precision inking and perfect for adding multiple colours to a single stamp
  • Broadside for backgrounds and edges
  • Easily stackable for organisation and storage
  • Airtight cap preventing premature drying
  • High opacity ink perfect for light and dark surfaces
  • Easily spreadable for use with sponge daubers
  • Works with uncoated paper, coated paper, cardstock, vellum, photos, leather, cellophane and more!
  • Drying time of 10-15 minutes on uncoated paper. Drying time will increase for glossy surfaces
  • Pigment inks are perfect for use on glossy and non-porous surfaces with embossing powders

Essentials Dew Drop Ink- 32 Colour Collection