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Podcast Inspiration!

Hello, my little Dragons!!!

I hope everyone is well and staying occupied! It has been a struggle for some, whereas others have been quite active in finding things to do. Which category do you fall into? I know my kids will say it's been a struggle- even with the abundance of books, toys, iPad and playing out in the back yard! *insert eye roll here* I'm sure most parents will sympathise! Hopefully, now that school is back we can try and have some sort of routine and the kids can focus on something else for a while. Even if it's school work!

So my question today for you all is this: Where do you find inspiration???

I find a lot of different ideas from the usual sources: YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook groups, Instagram, as I'm sure you do too, but in the last few months, I have been finding a lot of inspiration from Podcasts!

It's funny to think that hearing about something would give you ideas being that we are in such a visual craft- but the sparks of ideas pop in and zoom around while listening and crafting along with whatever you're working on.

I used to find that while crafting in my craft room I would have music playing just for a little bit of background noise and sometimes it's nice to hear a tune while doing something you enjoy! But these days when I go into my craft room, I grab my phone and listen to some podcasts. I've managed to find some wonderful shows and it has given me loads of ideas and thoughts for later projects or even how to organise things for later on!

Here's a list of my favourite crafting ones so you can listen too!

The Craft Room Podcast with Dawn Lewis:

For those who have been crafting for some time, would have probably come across Dawn's name somewhere along the lines. She is an all-round crafter, from crocheting to sewing, and quilting to scrapbooking! Dawn has probably done it all! Even on TV!!! Do you remember her on the ScrapIt TV show back in the late 2000s? Yup- that was Dawn! So she definitely knows what she is talking about and the bonus is she has such a passion for it! Her podcasts cover an assortment of topics like storage and gift-giving as well as talking about why we craft! An entertaining show to listen too!


Scrapbook Your Way:

Next up is the lovely Jennifer who has the wonderful mantra: Scrapbook Your Way! She has some lovely guests on each time and they talk about an abundance of topics pertaining to crafting and each time they talk about how to work things into your crafting YOUR way! These casts are about an hour-long, but very informative!


Live Handmade by

This is a brand new podcast that has only been around for about a month or so and it comes for the talented people at the largest scrapbooking website in the world-! Every cast has some wonderful designers come in like Heidi Swapp and Vicki Boutin and it's a quick insight into how they come up with inspiration and their latest collections.


The Very Serious Crafts Podcast:

For me, this is a recent discovery and an absolute gem of a podcast! Three seasons in, these three lovely ladies- Haley, Mollie and Heidi, talk about the crafting that they do (which is knitting, sewing and embroidery) and they do it very "seriously". These gorgeous ladies are witty and funny and talk about their experiences in the crafting industry and how they manage deadlines, plus much more. A really refreshing listen.


So that's one of my inspirational go-to's! What are your favourite podcasts? Are they crafty, or something completely different? I would love to know and I'm sure others would too! Why not head over to my Facebook page: and share your favourites! I hope you enjoyed today's blog post, and be sure to search your podcasts app and have a listen!

Stay safe and stay well!


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