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Hello, my little Dragons!!! It has been a while since I have done a blog post and it was when the business was extremely new. I had no idea what I was doing but after a lot of research, I am going to try again!

I thought I would start with a little bit about me and what my buisness means to me. So, let me begin!

Hi, my name is Sonya and I'm a passionate crafter! About two years ago, I was inbetween work and wanted to find something that I could really sink my teeth into. I happened to be shopping in my home town at a couple of craft stores and realised that there wasn't a lot of card making or scrapbooking stock that was really grabbing my interest- and we all know that our "crafty spark" is what keeps us creating! I then went and did a heap of investigating and decided to open my own online crafting business!

With the support of my wonderful partner and two children- The Little Purple Dragon Scrapbooking Suppliles was born!

I have been a crafter for the majority of my life- I actually started my interest when my Mum introduced me to Cross-Stitch when I was about 10! And even though I still enjoy the relaxation of embroidery, I would say that the last 15 years, or so, has been taken up with paper craft! Not only do I enjoy the usual cards and layouts, I also enjoy making 3D projects like albums, folios, even storage draws, boxes and all sorts!

Being able to have my own shop has helped open my eyes up to the wider Paper Craft community and have met some wonderful people along the way- including you all, my very special customers and followers! My aim for this business is to help you achieve your crafty goals and bring you all the goodies I can for a reasonable price! But making sure we have fun along the way is a big bonus and it has been entertaining thus far!

So to help you all with ideas and inspiration, I thought I would do a Top 5 list over the next few days, of a few things that might give you some spark in your crafting! We will start with YouTube! (Click on the images to be directed to their blogs!)


NUMBER 1- Mixed Up Craft

The lovely Sam has been around now since January 2017 and has been bringing me inspiration for all sorts of crafting! With her whimsical designs and straight forward instructions, Sam is my first port of call when I get stuck for something to create!


NUMBER 2- Maymay Made It

Maymay was one of the first people I started following on YouTube and I really love her designs and way of thinking- simple yet really effective! I even subscribe to her International Stamp Club as her stamps are wonderful to use and the designs are gorgeous!


NUMBER 3- Pootles Papercraft

Another Sam, Pootles is the UK's number 1 Stampin' Up demonstrator! Sam's tutorials are simple yet gorgeous with lots of colour and flair! She admits that she is no artist, but shows that anyone can create a card or 3-D project with a little bit of pizzazz- no matter what your crafting experience.


NUMBER 4- Positively Papercraft

Ann was originally a Stampin' Up demonstrator that ended up going out on her own and is now flourishing as a Kit Maker and YouTuber. She enjoys making boxes and bags with a few cards thrown in from time to time! Ann's style is chic but her instructions are easy to follow with lots of tips and hints along the way.


NUMBER 5- Jennifer McGuire Ink

Now for anyone who loves Mixed Media- Jennifer is the woman for you! She has amazing ideas and techniques using alcohol inks, dies, stamps, distress ink oxides, the list is endless! But Jennifer does it in a way, that if you are new- you can try it too and be confidant that you will have a lovely unique card as your end result!


A few notible mentions: (click the name for their blog)

Dawn Lewis Imagary

Dawn's Stamping Thoughts

Simply Simple Stamping

Rosa Kelly Scrapbooking

It's Me JD


I hope that gives you some inspiration to go and have a look if you haven't heard of these wonderful ladies! They all are wonderful paper crafters and each bring their unique spin to their creations!

Thank you for sticking around and I'll be back later in the week with another top 5. In the meantime, why not search me up on Facebook and Instagram? I'm on FB quite a lot with updates and deals going on with the store. You can even talk to me directly with any ideas or questions you would like to see in the store or future blog posts!

Anyway, enough of me taking up your time, I look forward to talking to you in the next post!

Have a magical crafty day!



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